Y – Coordinates E2AF9???? Some quantity digits 14, 15, 16, 10 are by Gray Vader. Next, click on the Convert button. I play this on a Emulator but that is a interesting story. It took 8 weeks for them to finally send it back.

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Change the lines according to your codes, following the color example. Gameehark, in JuneDangerous Waters was transformed into a full-fledged magazine called GameShark Magazine and continued to be published bimonthly, reaching up to 20 pages long and containing many more codes. X – Coordinates E2AF4???? Y – Coordinates Modifier F2C99???? If you use the X button for your throttle the timer will stay reset.

They will start out blue but the first time you change them they will be black but have extra grip then they will turn blue, when they are medium green you can change them again. X gameshzrk Coordinates Modifier F5A74???? Y – Coordinates Modifier F57B9????


Since acquired by Mad Catz the original site for Gameshark has been shut down, and no products associated with Gameshark have been sold on their site. Once the list is reasonably small the user must determine which of the found locations is the correct one by modifying them one at a time and seeing what effect it has on the game.

Nvm, may have been a plugin glitch Than this code below. Also some of the following codes have been known to erase your savegame files, so please ensure that you have saved your previous savegame file to a Memory Pak before using them! CSR5 joker set 1. Well my black gameshrak got lost on a train I googled and googled and am stumped. Usually it is the first or second savegame file that gets erased. Keep me logged in on this device. Y – Coordinates Modifier F09C9????

Only use if you want to test it for fun. Code Gamesharj, which gave hameshark the option to save newly created codes to a standard PlayStation memory card to share with others, and V-Mem Virtual Memorywhich gave users access to an onboard Memory Card feature where they could store up to 8 full memory cards worth of saves.


CSR5 Joker set 1. Y – Coordinates Modifier E6E09???? X – Coordinates Modifier E3D14????

They can be gmaeshark on at the specific spot that they affect use Memory Editor. Press L to make a cutscene. By performing multiple searches the list of matching locations is gradually reduced. I take no credit for any of these codes.

Memory Erase was an additional feature which allowed users to clear all saves from a Game Boy cart. This had been the only way to use the GameShark, as it plugged directly in to that port. The highlighted area shows the CRC code of the game. The game shark works with all codes except the one that gameahark most important.

The later GameShark Pro featured a longer cartridge which held the connected game cartridge higher so as to avoid this flaw. You must first play a warp song for this code to work properly.

GameShark – Wikipedia

Y – Coordinates Modifier F5A79???? The in-game code search required that an Expansion Pak be installed and that the game did not actively use the Pak for memory. I wish I had a real gameshark on consule though.

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