The library provides no GUI touchscreen override for this command. For an Ultriumdrive, indicates the tape is not ejected. Page 23 RoboticsMSL Series tape library robotics consist of a cartridge shuttle, motor hardware, motor drives, andother support electronics see Figure 5. Two-drive models are 8. The Move Media optionlets you remove a cartridge from a tape drive, a data slot in any magazine, or a mail slot in aleft-hand magazine. Some options of the Remote Management Interface take the library offline. Figure 14 Installing the library two-drive model shown 9.

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Either an invalid command was sent tothe SCSI controller, or the controller wasnot in the correct mode. Any MSL Series tape library can operate as a standalone unit or can be installed in a rack to forma larger integrated multi unit library configuration. Tell us what’s missing. storagewlrks

During a stoageworks swap, a command responsefrom the control task could not beassociated with any outstandingcommand. Page 48 Figure 33 Fixed IP address screen7. Canadian notice Avis Canadien.

Figure 73 Functions screenFour functions are available from this screen: The magazine doors must only be opened manually in an emergency.

Some options of the Remote Management Interface take the library offline. Bp level 1 password may be required to perform this procedure.

Cabling for scsi configurations | HP StorageWorks MSL Tape Library User Manual | Page 36 /

Converting a Rackmount Model to a Tabletop ModelConverting to a tabletop model requires a tabletop conversion kit and two people or a mechanicallift to physically install the library into the tabletop base.

Storagweorks addition to the information provided in this manual, refer to the documentation providedwith your media for more information.

Page 14 Page 15 1IntroductionDesigned for backup operations with high-end networks and high-performance servers, the HPStorageWorks MSL Series tape libraries are the next generation performers in high-volumebackup and archival service. Additional reserved slots continue in this storageworls pattern. Page 58 Figure 44 Power-down confirmation message screenStatusSelect this option to display the information Status screen Figure Msl0600 Display Screens and OptionsThe library GUI touch screen displays graphics and text characters in the form of easy-to-understandmessages.

Figure 23 Drive 0 bus ID data field screen two-drive model shown 4.

Cabling for scsi configurations – HP StorageWorks MSL6000 Tape Library User Manual

The picker jammed srorageworks apass-through fetch operation. Failure tofollow normal procedures can cause data loss and equipment storagewroks. IndexAabort move status 66acoustic specs audience 11authorized reseller, HP 13auto power-up 61Bbar code 76, 77labelassignment 62check digit 62labels 75reader 23base address 65bus ID 64bus parity 64Ccable configuration tape drives, 1 host tape drives, 2 hosts 38SCSI SCSI examples Canadian notice card cage 25cartridge map 68CISPR classification Class 1 laser Class A device cleaning cartridgeautomatic 94cleaning slot 95mail slot 95mail slot, repla.


The default passwords display for levels1 and 2. An attempt to return a commandresponse to the originating task failedbecause the originator could not bedetermined.

HP StorageWorks MSL Series LTO Tape Library Ed With Controller Card | eBay

To avoid damage to your tape drive, it is critical touse appropriate cleaning cartridges and properly formatted data cartridges. The fan in the drive hot-swap shoe iseither not installed or has stalled. The library must not reportinformation exceptions. Do not add more tape cartridges to the library than its rated slot capacity.

Touch the Back button repeatedly to return to the Main menu screen. If the default entry is not the tape drive to be cleaned, press Drive in theDestination Element Type box to sequence through the available tape drive choices. Fast TerminateSequenceThe default is Disabled.

HP StorageWorks MSL6000 Tape Library

To make a two-drive library ready for tabletop use: Page 88 HistoryClick History to list files that you can display or download. Page 59 Cartridge MapSelecting this option provides you with a layout of the slots and cartridges that are currently beingused in the library.

This places your request into the New datafield. Page 54 12Figure 39 Library status screen two-drive model shown The library Status screen lets you select the following options: Two-drive libraries require four retaining screws; four-drive libraries require two retainingscrews. This button allows you to move a selected cartridge to a target drive or cartridge slot.

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