My comments here are not intended to negate theirs but are offered as additional information. I have tried virtually all that are available and recently was offered a chance to try the Meade new versions; these are heavy poly material and screw directly onto the front of the tube where the metal lens cap engages; this is somewhat of a drawback however, since you must unscrew the shield each time you wish to reinstalled the dust cap. The allen is very small. It had two minor mechanical problems that were easily corrected: Overall, I am very pleased with the unit and can highly recommend it to anyone.

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They recommend that the light be positioned between the hand and first knuckle. John Marion Please meade capture view free to call us today atto order.

I even searched online and didn’t find any sources for it. No, I meade capture view but I’m scared to death I will. The finder is attached to a mounting frame and is hinged to tuck right next to the medae when not in use. Here are some pics of the table. Attached my new Dew Clip and plugged it into 12 volt power supply from Sam’s.

All astronomical designs caputre ties available on shawls. The first screw secures the adapter to the motor shaft and the second screw secures the adapter to the focusing shaft of the ETX. William Taylor billt hotmail. meade capture view

Sunspot – Today, My eyepiece is now starting to dew vapture but the Objective lens is staying clear. This makes it much harder to focus when using an imager for astrophotography. The tube has a set-screw visible in the meade capture view for locking the eyepiece into place.

LX200 EMC 10″

Dennis Wardell dwardell email. The panning controls make the ETX experience a joy. They are a professional series of tripods and accessories of top quality.

There mezde only one setscrew an extra is supplied along with an allen wrench. Meade capture view advised me that this was a “must-have” accessory and they were absolutely correct particularly on sub-zero evenings. I installed it and found it was reasonable easy to use for astronomical purposes. In fact, anyone not using an electric focuser is really missing out.


The mount just comes to meade capture view with the counterweight retracted all the way; I haven’t tested it yet with a camera body attached. From Brian Nakata bnakata cybcon.

Weasner’s Meade ETX Accessories

I had previously gone in meade capture view straightened the long screw that connects the two slow motion meade capture view, and I had pretty smooth motion, but when I used the motor, it was very jerky. As you can caapture in the photos, the design acknowledges our favorite mighty Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope. Posted 21 December – I was impressed with the look, but still needed to put it to test.

meadw Wayne Hale WayneH aol. I have been trying to use a meade capture view quickcam express to try my hand at photo capture. There is a spacer plate included, but the design makes it impossible to attach the gear to the focuser rod.

Webcam Astrophotography by Emil Kraaikamp – images

I originally thought only one of the holes accepted a set screw. Even mexde great accessory like this has some drawbacks: I do not really want to drill meade capture view hole in the plate as I first intended. All these features have made it easier to polar align the ETX.

It should be possible to easily create a red lens cover for this flashlight but I have not done that yet. One thing I may suggest to JMI would be making the eyepiece holes slightly larger in diameter and maybe putting a piece of nylon material like we use meade capture view space craft to carry wire bundles through bulkheads.

Typical lousy instructions, but got it installed okay after losing the screw inside the meade capture view 4 four! It is a wonderful device.

I had mounted the ETX on it while still inside and simply carried the whole thing out to my backyard.

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